Finding the Best Fashion Retail Roles

If you have already been working in fashion retail for a while and have yet to progress perhaps, it is time to move on and look for a new job. After all, you have experience and skills that other retailers will appreciate and want to take advantage of. There is plenty of work available within the sector and if you work for the right kind of firm, you can quickly progress your career.

First Steps

However, before you give up on your current firm give them the chance to offer you something better. Explain to your line manager that you are looking to take the next step and ask them for their advice. Sometimes you will find that the reason you have not been offered a promotion before is that they simply did not realise that you were interested in progressing within the firm. It sounds daft, but you will be surprised at how often this happens.

Your line manager will be able to explain where the company advertises its jobs. Many firms have moved away from advertising all roles in house, these days they are just as likely to look for managers outside, so it is well worth looking for your current firm on job boards and applying for positions that way. Should you find that you are unable to advance with your career with your current firm you will need to widen the net.

Widening the Net

If you work in a large shopping centre, you could consider updating your CV and taking it around other local fashion retailers. However, bear in mind that if you do this your boss will very quickly know that you are looking for work elsewhere, something you may prefer did not happen.

A better approach is to go online and begin searching those job boards that specialise in recruiting for the retail industry. Search these manually on a regular basis. Also, remember to sign up for email alerts and if you can add your CV to the job boards database. This approach will allow you to quickly find new work opportunities and allow you to advance your fashion retail career.

The fashion recruitment webpage is a great way to find senior roles within the fashion retail industry. Bookmark this page and visit it regularly to find your next job.