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Voluntourism: Community Development for Hill Tribes and Children, Chiang Rai

Voluntourism is an emerging trend in global tourism, favored by travellers who want to do more than simply visit and look at new places. It is a new type of tourism for those wishing to get involved in the places they visit in…


Voluntourism: Responsible Eco-Tourism and Marine Conservation in Phuket

Voluntourism can take many forms; thus Voluntourists can choose which type of activity or location they prefer to contribute their energies and services. One can join a project in a hilltribe village, a national park, an organic farm, or an elephant or marine…


Enjoy an Amazing Gastronomic Experience in Majorca

If you have been looking for an amazing destination to visit and want to experience a truly unique gastronomic experience you might want to look into – holidays Majorca. Majorca is an island located right in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea…

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