How to Deal with Improper Hospital Care

In the UK, the standard of healthcare is very good. If you are admitted to a UK hospital, you will normally get good care.

However, as you know from recent news stories, occasionally, there are problems. The standard of hospital care is not always good. Sometimes medical complications develop because of poor care or things being missed.

Be an advocate for sick friends or family

When someone is ill, they are usually vulnerable. It is hard for sick people to effectively express their concerns and get the help they need. If someone you know expresses concern about how they are being looked after in hospital it is important to listen to them and do your best to help. If you, yourself, notice that things are wrong it is important not to ignore the situation. You need to challenge what is happening and get help.

It is important to be rationale, polite and respectful when approaching medical staff with concerns about hospital care. Make your point clearly and quickly. Speaking to someone politely and explaining the issue clearly significantly improve the chances of your being listened to.

Document what you see and the action you take

Make a note of your concerns and gather evidence such as photographs. Note the date and time when you saw the issue as well as a proper explanation of what you think the issue is. Do this for every incident.

When you raise issues with medical staff, you need to make notes of those conversations. You should include the name and position of the person you spoke to, where the conversation took place and the time and date.

Doing this will help you to keep track of the issue. It will also help you to determine whether you need to raise the issue again and speak to someone more senior. You can also get advice about how to deal with the issue from patient support groups.

Documenting everything ensures that if you or a relative suffers long-term damage as a result of the hospital’s negligence you will have the evidence you need to pursue a medical negligence claim.

If you or a relative has suffered from improper hospital treatment you can claim compensation. Contact Bolt Burdon Kemp and they will quickly determine if you have a valid case.