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Samsung Galaxy S7- The Magic Would Begin Soon!

Are you ready for the magic? Which one? Well, of Samsung Galaxy S7. What you haven’t heard about it! Impossible! Everybody and everywhere there is discussion about it amazing features. We know that you are just kidding and are very much aware of…


Choose Best From The Heap Of Smartphones: HTC One M10

Competition is going hard and tough in the market of smart phones. Many brands are launching their new products in every month, basically focusing on its look, design, features and specs, which certainly needs to be upgraded in accordance to users demand. But…


The Excellent Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Available In Market Now!

Have you heard the latest news? Which one? That is, Galaxy Note 5 is available in the market since August 2015. Many online stores are also offering it, and some at incredible prices. Let’s find more about Galaxy Note 5:


Every Day Is An Electrical Equipment Day

Everything that we use in our daily life is all surrounded with the electrical equipment. Electrical equipments doesn’t mean the appliances that we use in our daily life, the things such as wires, transformers, distribution of electricity, cable, routers, lead acid batteries, Fuse…


Nikon Coolpix S6500 Reviews With Price In India

Review of Coolpix S6500: The Coolpix S6500 is an ideal camera for any photographer who wants to click every moment and capture memories for life. Not a very professionally advanced camera but it comes with features that would satisfy you to the best…



Whilst a bath can be lovely and relaxing there is little better than a shower when it comes to washing the day away. The great thing about showers is that there are so many too choose from so whatever you are looking for…


What are Electronic Cigarettes?

Electronic cigarettes are becoming very popular in the UK today. An electronic cigarette is basically a mechanical device which is able to simulate the smoking experience without producing smoke or containing nasty chemicals such as tobacco and tar.


Live the luxurious Life with a Bathroom TV

There are few things which are more luxurious than being able to watch your favourite TV show or movie, whilst you relax in a hot bubble bath.


Reduce Your Business Mobile Contracts Today

Are you sick of paying too much for business mobile contracts? At Active Digital we specialise in helping businesses of all sizes to reduce annual mobile phone tariffs. We offer bespoke business mobile solutions for your individual business.

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