How to Keep Your Retail Staff

For retailers one of the biggest problems they face is staff retention. Many people see retail work as a stopgap, as something to do while they look for work in another field. They also, often see it as a job they can do while studying, or when the kids are young and as a stepping-stone to bigger and better things. Few realise that they can have a long and well paid career in retail, so as a result staff turnover is a big problem for all kinds of retailers. However, there are a few things you can do to reduce staff turnover.

Step one – Get Your Recruitment Right

The most important step to solving your staff retainment issues is getting the recruitment process right. If you find the right kind of people, in the first place they will want to stay with you for longer. This means recruiting those people who see working in retail as a proper career rather than just a short-term job.

If you recruit people with previous experience of working in retail, they are far more likely to want to work for you for years rather than months. Having already worked in retail for some time they will already understand what the work is like. They are clearly willing and happy to do this kind of work.

By far the best place to find, these kinds or workers are online job boards that specialise in the retail sector. The vast majority of people who look for work on this type of online job board will have already worked in the industry and see retail as a good career choice.

Step two – Offer the Chance for Advancement

Once you have recruited the right kinds of people you need to offer them good terms and conditions to keep them. Matching the wages and benefits that other retailers offer is essential. Offering flexible working hours and the chance to swap shifts is also important for many modern workers, who usually have family responsibilities. It is also important to offer your staff good quality training and the chance to climb the career ladder.

If you are looking for workers with previous experience of working in retail advertise your vacancies on the RetailChoice retail recruitment website. This job board focuses on helping you find people from agencies or direct all in the same place.