Beaded Lanyards

Some people think of beaded lanyards as old-fashioned. To some extent, this is true; however, they still have their uses.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Beaded Lanyards

On the downside,beaded lanyardsare not really suitable as a promotional tool. They cannot use and print your logo on them as you can on most modern flat lanyards. You can buy them in a range of colours, which means that if you buy them in your company colours they can still be used to reinforce your branding, but only in a low-key way.

However, they have several advantages over other lanyards. Firstly, they are extremely hard wearing, yet, they are one of the cheapest lanyards available. That said, they do not look tacky or cheap. You can buy them made out of either plastic or metal, so you get a good choice.

It is easy to adjust the length of beaded lanyards. You can cut them to length, which means that you can use them for far more than ID cards. They are ideal for use on key rings, and as a way to tag files or boxes.

Many users like the fact that they are thin and relatively unobtrusive compared to nylon lanyards. An awful lot of wearers also like the retro look and feel of beaded lanyards.

If you buy the right kind, they are also slightly safer than standard lanyards. Should they catch on anything they will normally snap quite quickly. However, this does not mean that somebody who is operating heavy machinery should use them. In these situations, the wearing of anything that could potentially dangle into machinery should be completely banned.

Where to Buy Good Quality Beaded Lanyards

The internet is the best place to go to buy beaded lanyards. Online you will find quite a few specialist companies that sell ID cards and lanyards. These companies generally sell them for far less than you would pay on the High Street. The fact that they have their lanyards manufactured in bulk allows them to keep their prices low. If you are placing a large order and do not see the colour you want it is sometimes possible to have a special batch made just for you.


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