Food Course

There are many kinds of food course available. However, the vast majority of them are designed to deal with basic food hygiene. Anybody that works with food that is destined for consumption by the general public has to be trained in handling food. This is to protect the health of members of the public. It does not matter if you are only working cutting meat for a deli or are involved in preparing meals in a restaurant. Regardless of how much contact and involvement you have in food preparation you have to understand how to ensure that food is safe to eat.

Level II Food Course

Most people need to take a level II food course in order to qualify to work in food preparation. Until fairly recently regardless of the industry you worked in you took the same course. However, things have changed and you now need to take the right course for you industry sector.

In the UK, the food industry is broken down into three basic sectors. The sectors are food production, food retail and catering. If you are working in a food factory it is the manufacturing course you need complete. If, however you are serving up food as either a dinner lady or working on a supermarket it is the retail food safety course you need to take.

Finding a Food Course

If you already work within the food industry, your employer should already have ensured that you attended the correct food course. They will have determined which course was right for you.

If you want to work within the food industry taking a level II food course can be a good first step. Employers like people who take the initiative and will consider people who already hold the qualification above those that do not when looking for new employees.

The best place to find a food course is via an internet search. Before signing up for a course double check, that the course you are considering taking matches both the RSPH & CIEH syllabuses. CPD certified courses are the best ones to take.

If you are looking for a food course visit the Food Certificate website. We offer six food hygiene courses, so will have the right one for you.