If you are thinking of buying a second hand car, it is well worth considering a used Nissan. They have been making cars since 1933 and have a reputation for making durable cars that look good and are economical to run. The Nissan range spans the full spectrum meaning that there really is a second hand Nissan out there for every car buyer.

Tips for Buying a Used Nissan

It is important not to simply buy the first used Nissan you see and like. As with all things, a little research can go a long way.

The first thing to do is to decide the type of car you are looking for. Ask yourself what you will be mainly using the car for and make sure that the kind of car you choose will serve you well. A gas guzzling 4×4 is probably not the best option for school runs and short runs to the shops. When deciding what type of car to buy also consider the things you do only once or twice a year, but are still important. For example, if you provide transport for elderly relatives several times a year it is important to buy a car they can get in and out of easily and with enough space for a Zimmer frame or wheelchair. This process will narrow down whether you need an SUV or a mid-range Nissan.

Now look at each Nissan that meets your transport needs. Consider their price and the cost of running them as well as how they look. Once you have narrowed down your options check to see if any of them have known problems. Nissans are generally very reliable, but eventually parts wear and knowing where to look for problems on each model is important and will save you buying a dud.

Where to Buy a Used Nissan

Buying a used Nissan is easy because there are so many available. If you have good mechanical knowledge you can consider buying privately. However, remember that you do not get a warranty if you do so. Consumer laws do protect you, at least on paper, but getting a refund from a private buyer can be difficult. If in doubt restrict your search to Nissan’s dealer network.

If you are interested in buying a used Nissan visit the Westways Nissan website. We always have a good range of fully warranted used cars in stock.