Leeds Bradford is located near Yeadon. which is a distrit of Leeds. It is the largest airport in Yorkshire and is the 16th busiest airport in the UK. Fourteen airlines fly out of the airport and do so to a huge range of destinations. The operator that offers the biggest choice of locations is Jet2.

Jet2 fly to a total of 44 destinations spread throughout the world. As you would expect the majority of the destinations, they fly to are in Europe. For example, they fly to ten Spanish airports including Madrid, Alicante and Malaga. They also fly to two Turkish airports, to Switzerland, The Channel Islands, France, Austria and other countries. The company is a a forward thinking company that is evolving its offer on an ongoing basis. For example in 2013, they are adding flights to Berlin Brandenburg, Split and Zakynthos. They are already one of the few companies who fly to Venice-Marco Polo from the UK.

Leeds Bradford is Seasonal

The vast majority of the airlines that fly out of Leeds Bradford airport supply flights mainly to holidaymakers. This means that the airport is far quieter in the winter than it is the rest of the year.

Again taking Jet2 as an example, because they are primarily a holiday airline some of their flights are seasonal, so are only available in the late spring, summer and early autumn. However, they fly to fifteen destinations year round. Included in the list of destinations they fly to year round are several Spanish airports. Flights to Malaga, Alicante, Tenerife and Murcia are popular year round.

Winter Holidays in Spain

This is because these destinations offer plenty of winter sunshine. During the winter, accommodation in Spain is far cheaper than it is in the summer. Holidaymakers tend to be older, retired people who go away for up to three months at a time to get a break from the UK’s winter weather. Even the flights at this time of the year are cheaper. This means that the demographic of the people taking flights to Malaga, and other Spanish destinations, in the winter is changing. Increasingly younger couples on tight budgets are choosing to take their main two-week holiday in the winter rather than in the summer.


To quickly find inexpensive flights to Malaga visit the Jet2 website. We also fly to lots of other destinations from this airport.