Dr Richard D Casson is a private dentist in London. He is a very experienced dentist who has worked in the Harley Street area for many years.For most of that time, he has run his own clinic. Over the years, he has seen demand for dental services gradually increase and has seen many changes in what patients expect from their dentist.

Dentists have moved from offering basic dental services such as extractions and dental hygiene to offering a wide range of cosmetic dental services. Today, demand for teeth whitening and teeth straightening are very strong indeed.

Why Demand for Cosmetic Dentistry is so High

People pay far more attention to their appearance than they used to. This is partly because they can afford to do so and also because, in days like these, people are more obviously judged by the way they look. Looking right can make a big difference when it comes to finding a partner, getting a promotion and succeeding in other areas of life.

The public are not only more motivated to pay attention to the way they look they are also well educated about what they can do to improve they looks. Most people know all about teeth straitening and teeth whitening. They now ask their dentists for these services rather than waiting for the dentist to suggest them.

Other Treatments Dr Richard D Casson Offers

However, Richard D Casson still has a few surprises up his sleeve for his clients. He has always studied new research to see if he can use it to help his patients.

For example, Dr Casson is one of the few dentists in the UK who is able to offer dental hypnosis. Over the past few months, he has been able to use hypnosis to perform extractions without the need for anaesthetic. A service a surprising number of his patients want to try.

His patients already take advantage of other alternative therapies, such as acupuncture. Dr Casson specialises in treating people who are frightened of visiting the dentist. He has had great success in this area by working with alternative therapists and changing the way he works.



Dr Richard D Casson – Private Dentist near Harley Street , is a good starting point for further reading about Teeth straightening and dental hygiene amongst many other topics.