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HR services involve much more than dealing with the negative aspects, such as dismissal, grievances or disciplinarys, although these are, of course, important aspects all the same. HR encompasses many different areas, including maternity leave, recruitment and promotions. With all these different areas and more, and their corresponding legislation, it can be hard for smaller companies to keep abreast of all the changes and policies which affect them. Failing to stay on top of these things can lead to serious consequences for your business, as you might end up falling foul of the relevant employment law and finding yourself in a difficult situation with one employee or more.

So how can you avoid this ticking time bomb from going off and causing all manner of damage? Sourcing external HR services will give you many advantages. Not only will you not need to pay for a member of staff to focus solely on this area, but you will also benefit from professional, impartial services when they are required. This means that you’ll get the most up-to-date information to be able to provide an HR policy which is fully compliant with the most recent aspects of employment law, and minimises the risk of there being HR issues with your staff.

Having someone else take complete control of this area also means that you and all of your team will be able to focus exclusively on what is most important – running and growing your business. Rather than having an existing team member feeling out of their depth by trying to stem a crisis in which they are not fully knowledgeable, experienced or trained, you can feel completely confident knowing that this area of your business has been left in the professional and capable hands of a team of external HR consultants.

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