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What Are Shop Fittings?

Simply put shop fittings are any item a shop needs to function. Many people think they are only items used to display the products they sell, however to function a shop needs far more than display racks.

They need carrier bags, tills, baskets, pricing guns and numerous other items to be able to merchandise their products and sell it to their customers. In addition, they have a responsibility to keep their customers safe whilst in their stores, so they need wet floor warning signs and other similar items. However, it is true that the bulk of the shop fittings a store will buy are directly related to physically displaying their products.

Display Shop Fittings

Display related shop fittings include, shelves, racks, clothes rails, fashion rails, dump bins, pegboards and mesh display systems. What kind of display fittings you need depends on the kinds of products you plan to sell. Most shops find it best to have an array of display options available to them. This makes it easier for them to make good use of the space they have available and gives them different merchandising options. For example, they can display some items from hooks on a pegboard, with other similar, but bulkier items displayed on shelving beneath the pegboard mounted items. Once the season for these items has passed or a new range comes in they can take any items they have not sold and put them in end of aisle dump bins, priced to sell quickly.

Buying Shop Fittings

Before buying shop fittings it is wise to sit down for half an hour or so and draw up a simple layout for your store. Think about the range of items you will be selling. Consider which display method will work best for each type of item. From this simple plan, you can draw up a basic list of what you need.

Next, go on-line and look at a few websites that sell shop fittings. If you see display options you like, but had not previously considered add those to your list. When placing your final order take your time and try to buy from well-established specialist shop fitting firms. These companies usually offer good quality equipment at the best prices.

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