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Reducing Energy Consumption Saves Your Company Money

If you are actively looking into reducing energy consumption within your company you may be interested to learn about the ways you can monitor the amount of energy you use. With this information it is possible to see the amount of energy you are using, what days are costing you more, and whether you are meeting your set targets, and even use it to help you set your chosen targets if you do not already have any in place.

Use Data Collected Directly from Your Meters to Set Goals

The way the software works is simple, all the data is collected from your utility meters and sent via a data logger to the data host. This information is the collected and made available in real time online. Your company energy manager is then able to log into the website and collect the data as and when required. Sending and creating reports is possible with easy to use emailing reporting systems. The information can be sent in a collection of line and bar graphs as well as pie charts and tables. Your manager is then able to work on this data, send it to other departments and come up with achievable goals that aim at reducing energy consumption.

Create Goals to Reduce Energy Consumption and Waste

Once you have set your goals it is possible to enter this information into your online profile and see if you are hitting the targets. This information is collected as well as other data that can help to ensure your company reduces as much waste as possible, not just your typical energy use. You can use the service to help you reduce your energy bills as well as the amount of paper you use and your office consumables such as the toner and ink for your printers. You can even reduce spending on business travel, your fuel usage and transport and finally the disposal of your waste.

Find out just how much energy you are wasting on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis. Learn the size of your carbon footprint and also the cost of the energy.

Use management software and work hard at reducing energy consumption, this can reduce your carbon footprint and save you money.