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IOSH Membership

If you are currently employed in the health and safety industry, an IOSH membership will be of benefit to you. The acronym IOSH stands for Institution of Occupational Safety and Health, which is a UK-based institution for health and safety professionals. The organisation aims to ensure that their members are kept up-to-date with changes in relevant laws and regulations that impact on health and safety. In addition, the institution ensures all members are kept up to date with any changes within their industries that impact upon their role of keeping the workforce safe. IOSH also make their members aware of innovations that can be used within the workplace to improve safety standards.

The Benefits of IOSH Membership

As well as being kept up to date with changes within the health and safety industry, IOSH membership also brings other advantages. As a member of IOSH, potential employers will look upon you more favourably. This could be the difference between success and failure in future employment opportunities.

As an IOSH member, you will also have access to all training courses and training information. These courses will help improve your understanding of the health and safety industry which can then be applied to your employment duties and place of work. In addition, some of these courses are designed for employees and the workforce in general to improve their knowledge of health and safety. Putting members of your workforce through this training will help to improve the health and safety on operational sites you are responsible for. Raising awareness through training is a quick and effective way of improving health and safety amongst the workforce.

Qualifying for IOSH Membership

There are six different kinds of IOSH membership – Affiliate, Associate (AIOSH), Technician (Tech IOSH), Graduate (Grad IOSH), Chartered (CMIOSH), and Chartered Fellow (CFIOSH). To become an affiliated member of IOSH you do not require any qualifications. You only need to be motivated to learn more about health and safety.

If you wish to gain IOSH Membership as a Technician, Associate or Graduate you must provide evidence of your credentials. This means copies of your health and safety qualifications and evidence of employment within the health and safety industry must be supplied alongside your application to IOSH.

For more information about IOSH membership and IOSH training visit the REC CHSS Ltd website.

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