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Plastic Business Cards

Plastic business cards are a relatively new item, but they are quickly taking over from their paper cousins. The availability of modern plastics, new printing techniques and inks have all helped to bring the price of business cards printed on plastic down to a point where they are relatively cheap. More and more firms are waking up to the advantages of plastic business cards.

The Advantages of Plastic Business Cards

The main advantage of having your business card printed on plastic is that it is far more durable than one printed on card. Plastic cards do not curl up at the edges, crease in your pocket and do not fade. Not only do they look better when you hand them out they also stay in one piece for longer in the hands of the person you give your card to. They can tolerate rattling around in a drawer or someone’s pocket. This means that the person you give it to is far more likely to hang onto your business card. So, you can get new business from handing out your card even years after you gave it out.

Plastic business cards look far better than paper ones. It does not matter how good the ink is or how nice the card is you simply cannot achieve the same beautiful results you can when you print on plastic.

You can have any design you want printed onto plastic. This means you can have all of your company branding included on every card including your company colours, strap line, logo and graphics. You can also turn your plastic business cards into give away gifts, by having a hole punched in the corner and adding a metal ring they become attractive key rings.

Where to Buy Plastic Business Cards

A few of the larger High Street printing firms have the right equipment to print plastic business cards. However, the choice you get is limited. By far the best way to buy them is to use an on-line firm who allow you to send them your design via email. Who then send you your finished business cards via the post or a courier.

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