If you are looking to fill your IT roles quickly, where you advertise is vital. You are trying to recruit from a relatively small pool of people. This means that you have to target your advertising.

Given the fact that the vast majority of IT professionals look for work on the web means that it makes sense to advertise there. Placing your adverts on job boards that are focused exclusively on IT will considerably speed up the recruitment process. These job boards are the first place the vast majority of IT professionals turn to when they are looking for work, so if you want to reach the biggest audience possible this is where you really need to advertise.

Filling Roles That Require an Unusual Skill Set

That said there are some roles that you may want to advertise in a different way. If you are looking to fill an apprenticeship or internship, it makes sense to advertise on student job boards and to tell local colleges about your vacancy. Likewise, if you are trying to fill a role that requires knowledge of a old programming language you should consider using the trade press to fill that particular vacancy. Older programmers will be more likely to have knowledge of old programming languages, and many of them still look for work in the trade press. However, do not rely purely on these sources as it still makes sense to advertise these roles on online as well. Including digital advertising in your recruitment process allows you to hedge your bets, and reach the biggest pool of potential candidates possible.

With these kinds of roles, do not forget word of mouth. If you already employ an intern, tell them you are looking for another one and they are likely to know someone with the right skill set who will be interested.

Get the Job Description Right

However you choose to advertise your IT roles take a few minutes to craft your job advert. This is especially important when you are looking for people with skills or qualifications that are in high demand. Your advert needs to stand out from the crowd and be attractive. Tell the candidate what they can get out of the job as well as what you need from them. Doing so will attract the best people and also streamline the type of CVs you end up receiving.

Posting your IT jobs at  is extremely easy. The posting process only takes a few minutes, and your job will be seen by hundreds of potential candidates within minutes of your hitting the send button.