If you are between jobs and have never tried working in catering before now is as good a time as any to try doing so. Despite the recession, there are still quite a lot of catering jobs available, in all parts of the UK.

Whilst people spend less than they once did on catered events, such as weddings and anniversary parties, most people still host these events. They may spend less per head, but the number of people who attend these events is still as high as ever it was. This means that many catering firms have had to maintain their staffing levels, despite the recession. Even where a light head count is kept, part time is in high demand therefore it is still relatively easy to find work within the catering industry.

The nice thing about catering is that there are many different roles to choose from. You can work in fast food, event catering, within the restaurant industry or in food production.

Once you have a little experience and have your food safety certificates you can easily move between catering sectors. There are also plenty of part-time roles within the catering industry. This means that it is viable for you to use catering work as a second source of income. Once you have worked for a few firms, they will contact you when they have work available at the weekends or evenings. This means that when you are short of money you can choose to do a couple of catering shifts to bridge the gap.

Finding Catering Work is Easy

In the past the vast majority of catering jobs were really only available to those in the know. Most catering firms recruited using word-of-mouth. When they wanted somebody, they would ask people who were already working for them if they knew anybody who was interested in a job.

Today, most catering jobs are advertised on the internet. The vast majority are posted on specialist job agency sites that deal only with the catering industry. On these sites, you will find literally hundreds of jobs to apply for. The fact that you can browse the site at any time of the day or night and apply for as many or as few roles as you want means it is easier to find work in the catering industry than ever before.

If you are looking for catering work visit the catering recruitment website caterer.com first. There you will find literally hundreds of vacancies with more added on an almost hourly basis.