Does Your Car Need An MOT?

It is the legal responsibility of anybody that drives or keeps a car on the road to ensure that it is fully roadworthy. A failure to comply with this can lead to prosecution resulting in a fine or even a prison sentence. Therefore, it is vital that you keep your car in a roadworthy condition. In order to test whether or not a vehicle is safe to be used on the road, it is necessary to have an annual MOT. This tests hundreds of aspects of a car to ensure that it is safe and can be taken on the roads.


Any car that is three years old or older needs to have this test and it should be completed every year thereafter. What’s more, the test should be carried out by a qualified and certified test centre. Not every garage offers this service although there are nearly 20,000 test centres situated across the country so you should find it easy to locate one that is local to you.


You should be aware that the test certificate does not mean that your car will remain roadworthy for the period that the certificate covers. However, it does indicate that it was considered safe and environmentally safe for use at the time of the test. Furthermore, it is not meant to be used as any kind of indication as to the general mechanical condition of the car.


The principle areas of concentration with an MOT test are the bodywork and vehicle structure, the fuel system, exhaust system and emissions, safety features, brakes, tyres and registration plates. The lights, steering, and a number of other factors are also tested and must pass rigorous testing standards before you are awarded a test certificate.


There are nearly 20,000 licensed test centres across the country and you should expect to pay around £30 for your initial test. Generally, if you have the work carried out at the garage that did the testing then you will receive a re-test for free once the work has been completed and the test centre are confident of your car passing its annual checkup. offers extensive guidance and help on having an MOT for your car. Whether you want help choosing the right test centre or preparing your car for the test, visit them today.