Remember to book a car service Glasgow

It’s vitally important to book an annual car service Glasgow. There tends to be much confusion around how often a service needs to be booked, but the recommendations are a lot clearer than many people may otherwise think. Typically, a service should occur for every 12,000 miles or twelve months that a car is on the road – whichever comes first. High mileage or city drivers are also encouraged to book interim servicing in order to maintain the efficiency and safety of their cars. Interim servicing is usually booked six months or 6,000 after a full service takes place. Again, this works on a ‘whichever first’ basis.

More comprehensive than an MOT

Drivers may find it to be cheaper to book servicing through an independent garage as opposed to a big name dealership. The larger brands can tend to charge more even though a service booked through a local independent can be just as efficient. A service should not be confused with an MOT, which only includes basic checks. This means that no matter how recently your car underwent an MOT, when a service is due, you shouldn’t hesitate to book one.

Identifying faults earlier

During a service, faults can be detected where they otherwise would may be identified, allowing you to attend to them before they have a chance to worsen and cost you more. If you come to sell your vehicle at any point, you may find that one of the first things that a buyer will look for is a good service history, as this can help to convince them that the vehicle has been treated with care and dignity during its time in your ownership.

More miles for your money

Servicing also helps your car to be more fuel-efficient, and includes checks that can dramatically reduce fuel wastage, allowing you to get more miles for your money when you visit the pumps. What’s included in a service can vary from car to car, but local garages can now access the exact information that they need to perform the work. Extras may include complementary topping up of brake and clutch fluid too. To keep you car in good condition, always remember to book a regular car service Glasgow.



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