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Workplace Discrimination Law Explained

In the modern day, there is little that that leaves as bad a taste in the mouth as discrimination. This is why workplace discrimination law is so comprehensive, to protect all individuals from the anguish of being treated differently because of an actual characteristic or a perceived characteristic.

Workplace discrimination law is unique because it does not necessarily have to refer to those who are in employment. Instead, it can also apply to job applicants, the self employed or those who have been given a bad reference from a previous employer, because of a perceived characteristic or actual characteristic.

It is a misconception to say that only those who are covered by anti discrimination law are those of certain ethnic or sexual minorities. Everyone is protected, equally, this is entirely the point. So, if you are being discriminated against because people believe you are gay (even if you are not) then you would be protected by employment law against discrimination.

As an employer, it is your responsibility to ensure that the working environment is one that is entirely free from discrimination. So, two people of the opposite sex doing the same or similar job should receive the same pay, otherwise this is discrimination based on sex.

It frankly doesn’t matter why someone is being discriminated against, it isn’t about intention, and instead all forms of discrimination will be treated with the same severity. A possible exception is discrimination based on age, where it is possible to defend against a claim of age-related discrimination.

The above is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the intricacies of the anti discrimination law. If you don’t want to knowingly, or unknowingly fall foul of anti discrimination legislation then you can consult business services that will be able to help you get to grips with the more difficult aspects of employment law.

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