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Safety with Chains


Chains can be really useful tools in construction. Chain slings are often used for lifting materials, like metal bars or planks of wood. You can place the material in a chain sling and winch it upwards. As a result they’re also used in agriculture and logging as well as industrial lifting. For overhead lifting, an alloy chain of Grade 80 or 100 is best. Anything under Grade 80 shouldn’t be used for lifting. For example, proof coil chains are weaker and could break during heavy overhead lifting, so should be used reserved for pulling rather than lifting, for example in logging or vehicle towing.

If you’re doing any sort of industrial lifting, it is important to follow safety procedures. Anyone involved should wear hard hats and the area should be as clear as possible. Follow the correct procedures for securing items in the lifting gear, and always make sure the winch is capable of bearing the load.

Bike Chains

Caring for the chain is an important part of the maintenance and safety checks of your bike. Trying to pedal a bike with a rusty chain is very hard work, and the chain could break, which is a safety hazard. Chain wear is usually caused by grit from roads getting caught in the chain, and this is particularly a problem when it’s wet, as the bit of grit get between the links and bushings. Keeping your chain clean and lubricated is the best way to prevent dirt wear and rust.

Weight Lifting Chains

In bodybuilding, adding chains to weightlifts was pioneered largely by Louis Simmons in Ohio. The idea is that the chains get progressively heavier as you lift them off the floor, adding resistance in the crucial top third extension of a lift. As with any weight lifting, this should be done with care. The addition of chains obviously increases weight and resistance, so you should calculate your ability and start small, rather than diving straight in with very heavy chains. Take advice from someone who’s done it before, set goals and work upwards and always warm up and cool down properly.


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