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Playground Surfaces

A playground needs to be far more than just a fun place for kids to play. Above all else, it needs to be a safe place for them to play. The kind of playground surfaces you use are key to achieving this.

How Playground Surfaces Have Evolved

Years ago, all playground equipment was simply put up over concrete or asphalt. It was seen as enough, from a health and safety point of view, to simply provide a smooth and even surface. Naturally, when a child fell off the swing or the monkey bars they hurt themselves. Mostly cuts and bruises, but there were also a lot of broken bones.

Luckily, things have changed a lot. Modern materials and manufacturing techniques mean that it is possible to build a truly safe outdoor play area with safe, relatively soft playground surfaces. There are several of these modern surfaces for you to choose from.

Types of Playground Surfaces

The two main types of modern playground surfaces you can buy are rubberised surfaces and padded fake grass. They are both designed to be relatively soft, and because they give a bit on impact the risk of serious injury is considerably reduced.

They come in an array of colours, although because as you would expect the imitation grass kind comes mostly in green. The fact that they are available in an array of colours means that you can have logos and lettering built into them. You can also have specific designs built into it, for example an imitation road, so you can use the playground to train children on road safety one day and as a ordinary play area the next day.

Playturf (imitation grass), Saferturf, Playbond and Wetpour are some of the best playground surfaces available. The country’s top playground specialists offer their clients these surfaces. They are all popular, but because EPDN rubber Wetpour systems offer one of the softest play surfaces available these are growing rapidly in popularity. As well as being soft, they are extremely durable as well as being available in a wide range of bright colours, which do not fade quickly.

Pentagon Sports offer the full range of playground surfaces. They have already built hundreds of playgrounds, so offer a reliable service.