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Outsourced application support – The benefits

For better or worse, IT systems in general, and databases in particular, are now fundamental to the smooth running of a modern business.

Enterprises and businesses depend on these systems for a range of processes and activities, including accounting, manufacturing, distribution, warehouse co-ordination, fleet management, procurement, internal and external communications, and HR systems.
Enterprise applications, accessed through web front ends, or perhaps proprietary in-house interfaces, play an instrumental role in ensuring that these activities remain on track, and propel a company towards a strong balance sheet.

Oracle software is a popular choice with enterprises, as it offers integrated solutions capable of tying together all the strands of a business, so that users can rapidly make connections within the same overall package. Oracle Ebusiness Suite is a web-enabled example of this kind of inter-connected programme.

However, such packages, even though they make the lives of end users easier, have an underlying complexity that requires expert and consistent support. In-house support is an option, but in this day and age, in which IT support has generally become less location-dependent, in-house is by no means the only way to go. On top of the inevitable resourcing costs of an in-house team, the team may lack 3rd-line expertise in the software a company is currently using.

Interoute Application Management offer a cost-effective, slick and professional outsourced application support solution. Your company will save on hardware, staffing, and support costs, whilst at the same time benefiting from reliable 24/7 support. As application managed support specialists, Interoute Application Management have real expertise in matters such as optimising databases, backup, licensing, compliance, troubleshooting and desktop support. Working remotely, Interoute Application Management are always available at the end of a phone or internet connection to lend a hand. Moreover, Oracle Platinum Partner status signifies that Interoute Application Management can effectively cover all the bases where a company’s Oracle installation is concerned.

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