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Audio visual system put to good use in hospice

Audio visual installations are used in many different environments. Often, firms utilise special audio visual solutions to make their retail outlets more exciting and they can also be highly effective during trade shows and exhibitions.

However, another perhaps slightly more unusual application of such technology was recently showcased at a Worcester hospice. As part of the Together for Short Lives campaign, which is organised by members of the audiovisual industry, a new home theatre system was installed at Acorns Children’s Hospice in Worcester.

Specialists came together to provide and install the audio visual solutions. Since the technology was added to the hospice toward the end of last year, youngsters have enjoyed many theatre nights and presentation evenings.

Inspiration for the initiative came from the fact that audio and visual stimulation is particularly important for disabled youngsters.

Commenting on the development, head of care at Acorns in Worcester Peter Morris said: “We are extremely grateful to everyone who made this a possibility. Not only does the room allow the children to interact, but it allows those experiencing pain or uncomfortable treatments to disconnect from reality for a short while.”

He added: “The team took everything into consideration, making sure the room used was large enough to enable all the children to enjoy it, even those restricted to beds.”

The Together for Short Lives campaign is headed by audio visual installations expert Ian Morrish. He described the project at Acorns in Worcester as “truly rewarding” and noted that it was important to bring the cinema to the centre because many of the youngsters have never been to the movies before.

Meanwhile, Acorns Children’s Hospice provides specialist care and support to children and young people who have life limiting or life threatening illnesses, as well as helping their families. Currently, it is assisting more than 600 youngsters and over 800 families, some of which are bereaved.

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