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Applications managed services – benefits of an expert provider

Today’s large-scale businesses and organisations rely on robust software for the smooth day-to-day running of their operations.

Periods of down time, when part or whole of an application can become suddenly unavailable, can be damaging and unsettling, sometimes disastrous, and even more so in today’s fiercely competitive arena, which demands fully functioning electronic communications and transactions.

Traditionally, mission critical IT packages, such as fleet management software, company accounting programmes, and internet shopping systems, have been housed, supported, and administered in-house, with an IT team on the payroll. Usually the software is handled via a client-server setup, running on a company network, with, sometimes expensive, licensing being managed through company accounts. There are some advantages with this form of IT management; staff are always “on hand”, sometimes just down the corridor, and it always more reassuring to speak to a friendly, familiar face.

However, ever developing technology has furnished companies with new ways of doing things regarding their business-critical software. It is now possible to have even a complex application, completely hosted by an external provider, with the software accessible to all relevant staff through an internet browser.

Such outsourced solutions can provide savings on total cost of ownership, and free up managers from pesky day-to-day IT administration and support routines. In turn they can think more strategically about future IT developments.

Here at Quantix, we are one of the UK’s leading application managed services providers. We can provide resilient, cloud hosted solutions for your key software packages. Our expert, customer focussed consultants, will ensure a smooth transition from in-house to externally provided application support.

Indeed, our support team will provide a truly comprehensive 24/7 service for your cloud-based applications. We have been awarded both Microsoft Gold, and Oracle Platinum Partner status. This testifies to our range of experience and expertise in supporting complex, enterprise application software.

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