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The reassurance that comes with working with an Oracle Platinum Partner

Large companies and enterprises have quite specific demands and requirements when it comes to software. These frequently go beyond the standard office packages which manage email, document creation, presentations and spreadsheets.

For instance, large organisations need to deal with matters such as procurement, often on a transnational basis; production, selling, and distribution of goods – distribution will include such processes as warehouse and fleet management; corporate accounting, and HR processes – including keeping track of all staff working for the company.

Specialist software is required to get on top of such complex systems and processes. In the past three decades, Oracle has been one of the key providers of this kind of software. Furthermore, Oracle databases have been at the core of many, if not all, of the specialist packages and modules that Oracle provides, from Oracle E-Business Suite to the Oracle Fusion product range, for example, Oracle Fusion comes with a Supply Chain Management package.

Whilst Oracle software and hardware provides for genuine, pressing business in brilliant ways which make business life easier, this software is not without its own challenges.

Some of these challenges are as follows: managing a fully-fledged Oracle installation, throughout a global business can be a tall order, especially if this is being brought in to replace existing legacy systems. A further challenge comes with supporting an Oracle installation, and ensuring all staff are trained appropriately, and are comfortable with it. Problems do arise with any IT systems, even with Oracle setups.

Here at Quantix we are the UK’s leading Oracle partner, accord with special Platinum Partner status: meaning we our in-depth Oracle knowledge and support expertise go well beyond the norms. Many UK companies feel reassured by our fast, responsive 24/7 Oracle support, and benefit greatly from our flexible, bespoke Oracle consultancy services.

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