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Yoga versus Pilates

There is no denying the popularity of both yoga and Pilates. Both of these disciplines can help to boost participants’ health and fitness levels and they can also be good for individuals’ mental wellbeing. However, before people invest in yoga or Pilates clothing and sign up to classes, it is important that they know what is involved in each.

In a bid to provide some clarification on this, recently provided a guide. It noted that the word ‘yoga’ comes from Sanskrit and it means ‘union’. Yoga uses a series of Indian disciplines and its objective is to encourage self-awareness by eliminating physical or mental distractions.

The news source went on to state: “Yoga provides new states of consciousness which lead to greater knowledge of oneself, giving life a newer, more harmonic perspective. It aims to unite the mind, the body, and the spirit.”

Meanwhile, it also pointed out that Australian model Miranda Kerr is a fan, while singer Geri Halliwell recently donned her yoga clothing to take part in a video. also noted that yoga lessons are based on a series of exercises that involve adopting different postures.

According to the magazine, yoga is beneficial for all age groups and it boosts elasticity and flexibility, as well as muscle strength. Furthermore, it can reduce stress levels.

The Pilates method, on the other hand, was developed New York by Joseph Pilates in the 1920s as a rehabilitation programme. Describing it, the news source stated: “Pilates is a complete corporal discipline in which the body is treated as a whole, putting all muscles to work, which requires full concentration, requiring unity and cooperation between the body and mind.”

When people don their Pilates clothing, they can tone and firm their muscles and increase their control and alignment. Fans include Pippa Middleton and Kate Winslet, among other people.

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