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History Group Makes Use Of Booklet Printing

Booklets can serve a range of purposes. Often, companies take advantage of online booklet printing services as part of their marketing campaigns. Brochures can make superb advertising aids, and they are inexpensive to produce. The items can also be created simply to inform readers.

For example, a local history group has used booklet printing services to present information it discovered about pubs in the area.

According to a report in the Norfolk Eastern Daily Press, Swaffham History Group has created a total of eight publications based on painstaking research involving licensing documents, museum archives and parish records. Some of these date back to the 1600s.

The booklets feature details about drinking establishments such as The George, The White Hart, The Red Lion, The Horse and Groom, The Greyhound and The King’s Arms, all of which remain in operation. However, two of the booklets feature a venue called The Crown, which is no longer in business. This was described as an opulent 18th century inn.

Other inns to have been lost to the sands of time include The Angel and The Grapes.

The series of booklets also include details of fires, landlords, murders and more that have helped to shape the town. Chairman of Swaffham History Group Marion Hancock said: “When the history group was working on The Book of Swaffham, published last year… on behalf of Swaffham Museum, we realised that there was a lot more to be researched and written about the old inns and pubs of the town.

“Thus we decided to make the subject our next project and several members have been researching different establishments since then. The Crown was a massive place, but it has disappeared without a trace. The last landlord was in 1881 and after that we have got no idea what happened. It was the place to be seen and all the gentry went there. It was virtually the Dorchester of Swaffham.

“The Horse and Groom had a very gruesome past, as one of the landlords was found guilty of murder. The Pitcher family were the landlords for more than 100 years. One of these Pitchers was a lady called Elizabeth who ran the pub from 1830 to 1841. But then she retired and one of her sons, John Pitcher was found guilty of her murder in 1853 and ‘transported’ for the rest of his life.”

Booklets can be an effective way of presenting information like this. As long as organisations find good quality yet cheap booklet printing services, they can ensure they meet their objectives without breaking the bank in the process.

One of the great things about booklets is the fact that they can contain more information than leaflets and flyers.

The way in which these items are designed depends on the purposes they are intended to serve. Certain versions may be packed with details, while others may be relatively sparse in text. Before individuals or organisations go ahead and get booklets printed, they should make sure they are completely satisfied with their design.

About the Author – Anna Longdin is a freelance blogger who has written widely on the subject of online printing for a number of sites, including Peanut Print.