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Your Car Represents Your Personality, Here Is Why

Regardless if you choose a car how you want it other to perceive, or you want the price and function, whatever you drive behind that steering wheel says a lot about you.

If you would notice, young men always drive muscle cars, sports, cars, and pickup trucks, while moms usually drive minivans, and the rich society drives their Bentleys and Rolls Royce cars. Usually, people have an associated attachment to the type of car they drive depending on their personality.

However, do you really know what kind of person that is driving behind the wheel? After all, the perception of a car is still largely based on how it can be marketed. There are cars that are marketed for its safety features, for its speed, its muscle, and its ability to stay compact.

With that being said, it is difficult to decipher whether people buy a car because they always thought it can turn them into something they are or could not be, or maybe because the same group of people is often buying the same type of car.

Grouping customers according to their attitude, preferences and their beliefs is called psychographics and this is highly applied when you market a car to them because of its effectiveness.

 After all, what does your car say about your personality?

Small cars– According to experts who conducted a study about this matter, drivers who use small cars are those who are environmentally conscious and prefers to have a higher density to their neighborhoods compared to the drivers of other car types. This is very common especially when you live in a metropolis where it is simpler to park at a packed parking lot using a smaller car. Also, the majority of the world’s metropolises are risked for pollution that is why people who use small cars prefer a more environment-friendly car according to a trusted dealer of used cars for sale.

Medium-sized cars– Studies found out that people who drive medium-sized cars have no particular attitude towards their travel preferences, their lifestyle, their mobility, and their personality at all. It may sound confusing, but it is just a form of pragmatism because the usual drivers of these cars are either busy for other things like family, business, or work which is why it is difficult to identify their personality.

Luxury cars– No need for an expounded explanation because people who drive luxury cars are the status seekers and they are also the ones who are keen on driving long distances. Usually, men who are near their senior status are the ones who likely drive luxury cars because most commercials usually depict the higher-income people or the elite society.

Sports cars– Usually, people who drive sports cars are the daredevil junkies, the thrill-seekers. They do not easily settle or calm down and most likely they are middle-class men who want to earn something that makes them feel good even though they belong at the middle class in the society based on a study from an auto sales online.






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