If you work in the catering industry, you will know how tricky it is to get everything you need in place, on time and at the right time. There are a myriad of things to think about, even for a simple wedding buffet, you need tables, chairs, cutlery, a huge range of ingredients and cookware. The list is huge and the last thing you need is to turn up at an event only to find that half the glasses are back at the warehouse. Most caterers are very adept at juggling everything and getting all necessary items in place, along with contingency stock just in case something gets broken.

The Staffing Problem

However, many caterers really struggle with one area of their business and that is finding reliable staff. The nature of catering means that one week you can have no work, whilst the next week your order book can be full. This means that employing a huge team of full time staff is not viable, even large catering firms can only employ a small core permanent team.

This means that most caterers have little choice but to hire temporary staff. Finding staff is not difficult, in most parts of the country there are plenty of people willing to work in the catering trade. Many people are looking for second jobs to supplement their income. The problem is that not all of these people are capable of doing the job.

Finding a Good Catering Recruitment Agency

Unsurprisingly most caterers turn to catering recruitment agencies when they need staff. The best agencies are well established. They provide a single point of contact for people looking for catering work and those who have work for those people.

If you need people with experience who are actively looking for work these are the agencies you need to use. These agencies are the first place people who work in the industry turn to when they are looking for another job, which significantly increases your chances of finding the right people for whatever catering positions you are trying to fill. You have to pay to place an advert, but it is far more effective than putting adverts in trade press, or newspapers. Using a recruitment agency that specialises in catering means that you can often find the staff you are looking for within hours.

To find out more about catering recruitment visit the Caterer website. They are a well-established recruitment agency, which works exclusively with and for the catering industry.