Looking for construction jobs

Despite the economic climate, a quick look at the job sites will tell you that are thousands of construction jobs available in the UK. There are various different roles to be filled in the industry and many routes into it. Some people enter the world of construction straight from school, heading into an apprenticeship or work-based training whilst others find a role in the field after graduating from University. Some areas of construction include design and maintenance work. It’s feared that there may be a skills shortage in the industry due to scores of people studying alternative areas at college or degree level, but the flipside of this is that it means that for anyone wanting to get into construction, they should find that the jobs are there to be taken if they have the right skills and level of enthusiasm.

Financial rewards

Working in construction can be very lucrative. Carpenters, electricians, painters, plumbers and decorators all can all work in the construction industry. Plumbers can expect to receive around £13 per hour in the UK, whilst electricians can earn around £11 per hour on average. Graduates in particular are always sought out by the construction industry. Graduates who are interested in working in construction usually have to undergo a structured application process. Usually applications can be made twelve months a year, although some employers do have annual schemes which require applications to be made by strict deadlines. People who work in the construction industry may be required to travel a lot, but for many individuals this is one of the most pleasing parts of the profession.

Graduates in construction

Graduates working in construction will often be tasked with things like overseeing projects or designing them. They may find that they require to have taken on some form of relevant work experience before landing a graduate-level role however. Some construction degrees will give you the opportunity to enjoy a sandwich year with an employer, but if yours doesn’t you may wish to arrange your own work experience independently. It’s rare but not unknown for some graduates with degrees that aren’t related to construction to find a high-paid job in construction, though they will usually need to enrol on a conversion course.

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