Invest in Used Cars in Scotland

Many people think that buying used cars is a bad idea, but in many cases, it can be the exact opposite. Buying used cars, Scotland motorists will find, is a great way to save money and not just because they cost less on the forecourt. There is absolutely nothing to worry about when buying used cars, providing you are sensible about doing so, and many buyers will find that used cars in Scotland actually make a fantastic investment.


You may already be aware that new cars depreciate in value very quickly, but did you know that they can lose as much as 60% of their value in only one year? This means that, if you buy a car for £20,000, it may only be worth £8,000 12 months later. So, it is clear that new cars really are not a great investment. Used cars, on the other hand, cost much less to buy and tend to retain more of their value than new cars too.


Of course the cost of buying used cars in Scotland and avoiding huge depreciation costs are not the only cost benefits of buying used cars – it is likely that you will save a huge amount of money when insuring your used cars too. Because they are less valuable, they do not tend to cost as much to ensure and this means that you can make even more savings by choosing used cars in Scotland.

Buying Used cars in Scotland

In order to ensure that you make a good investment and get a good deal, it is always a good idea to buy from a reputable car dealer in Scotland. If you can find locals who’ve bought used cars and ask them for advice, you should be able to find a number of great used car dealers.

You can then go online and look at their websites, where you will find their prices, this will allow you to find out who offers the best deals, so you can make as many savings as possible, whilst maximising your investment in a quality used car.

City Cars Scotland Ltd are one of Aberdeen’s leading car dealers. When looking for used cars, Scotland residents should definitely check them out because they offer quality used cars at very competitive prices.