There are a lot of people looking for work and many of them are interested in working in the retail field. However, retail recruitment can still be challenging. There is plenty of choice, but not all of the people looking for work in retail are suitable for this kind of working.

There is far more to working in retail than stacking shelves and operating the till. By its very nature, retail work means dealing with the public, which is not always easy.

This is not something everyone appreciates, which is why many people assume that working in a shop or retail is easy. However, people need to be patient and polite, as well as well groomed. They need to be a quick study and to be able to think on their feet.

Many people are fine working in a warehouse or factory environment, but cannot handle working in retail. This means that a lot of the applicants who look good on paper turn out to be unsuitable when you interview them, or worse, when they actually start working for you.

An Easy Way to Attract Suitable Applicants and do it Quickly

The trick with retail recruitment is targeting your job adverts to reach people who are likely to have the right attitude, qualifications and, most importantly of all, the right experience. If you advertise in local newspapers and on general job sites, inevitably, you will get all kinds of people applying for the roles you have available.

This is fine, but you will have to wade through dozens of CVs that are simply not worth looking at. Even if you turn straight to the previous experience and qualification sections of each CV, it will still take you a few minutes to dismiss each unsuitable candidate. Just looking at 20 applications in this way will burn up at least 45 minutes.

If, on the other hand, you only post your job adverts with a retail recruitment agency you will not waste so much time wading through unsuitable candidate. Virtually every CV you look at will be from people who are really interested in working in retail and who have previous retail experience. The recruitment process will still take time, but you will definitely complete it far more quickly.

Retail Choice is a great retail recruitment agency that has been working in the field for many years. Their service is quick and easy to use as well as competitively priced.