A Couple of Holiday Ideas

If you are thinking of going on holiday, and live in the UK, you are in luck because there is a huge range of destinations to choose from. Many of them are just a three or four hour flight away. However, sometimes the choice can be overwhelming, so here we look, briefly, at two holiday destinations you may wish to consider.

Barcelona Holidays

Barcelona is a fantastic holiday destination. It is a beautiful city with a lot packed into a relatively small area. The city has some fantastic architecture thanks to Gaudi. Most people love his gothic cathedral The Sagrada Familia. It is nothing like any other building in the world.

Barcelona is also the home of Picasso and there are tours that take you through parts of the city that inspired his paintings. There is also a great museum dedicated to his work. The city of Barcelona has a great nightlife and is a very good city for shopping.

You can fly direct to Barcelona from all over the UK. Unsurprisingly, it is a popular weekend break destination, but really you need at least a week to see all the sights Barcelona has to offer.

Thassos Greece Holidays

Thasos or Thassos is a beautiful Greek island that is relatively unspoilt. It is attracting increasing numbers of British holidaymakers.

The closest airport to the island is Kavala. From there you complete your journey to the island by ferry.

Once there you will enjoy a warm welcome, good food, beautiful scenery and high quality accommodation. The island benefits from year round sunshine, so is a fantastic winter holiday destination.

There is a mix of beaches available from the tranquil, unspoilt Skal Rachoni to the highly commercialised beaches of Limenaria, Potos and Pefkari. Perfect if you want access to plenty of tavernas just off the beach.

The island has an ancient history, so there are several historical sites to visit. Amongst the best are the ancient theatre, the Monastery Archangelou, and Parmenon’s Gate. The oldest village on the island, Skala, is worth a visit, if you take a picnic, you can enjoy it on the aptly named Golden Beach close to the village. The island is small enough to drive around in a day, so a road trip is great fun.


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