For decades, Spain has been the holiday destination of choice for Brits. When you consider what Spain has to offer this is not surprising.

Flight times are only around two and a half hours, and you can fly to most parts of Spain from any part of the UK. Favourite destinations include the Costa Brava, Madrid and Ibiza. All of these destinations are serviced by low cost airlines, so the cost of getting there is very low.

Once there you enjoy a high standard of accommodation. There is a choice between British or Spanish food, which is very affordable. Drinks are cheap and so are attractions such as Zoos, water parks and theme parks. The nightlife is good and if you are staying in Ibiza island hotels, you can party, all night if you want to.

Spanish Holidays are Inexpensive

Even in today’s difficult economic climate, family holidays in Spain are still viable. There are plenty of all-inclusive family holidays available. These allow families to budget for their holidays and avoid large credit bills when they return to the UK. Demand for Spain Costa Brava vacation rentals continue to go up rather than down because so many hotel resorts on these coasts have gone down the all-inclusive route. The same is true of Spain Costa Brava vacation rentals. There are literally hundreds of all inclusive family vacation packages available in Spanish resorts along these coasts.

Spanish City Breaks are Also Affordable

However, sun, sea and sand holidays are not for everyone. Modern British holidaymakers are increasingly looking for something different. City breaks are growing in popularity, something the Spanish tourist industry has been quick to realise.

Many Spanish cities have developed their tourist industry to attract more European visitors. Madrid Spain holidays are proving especially popular. Madrid is a big city with plenty to see and do. It has beautiful parks; the Jardin Botanico is especially beautiful. There are dozens of museums, including the amazing Prada, which houses hundreds of world famous works of art.

Spain relies heavily on tourism, so works hard to look after their visitors. They know that they need to keep holidays affordable as well as move with the times and offer something new to holidaymakers. Without a doubt, Spanish holidays will continue to be a good choice for holidaymakers.


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