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Ensure Safety care is taken through property management

Whether you own a house or building in which you are hoping to rent out or maybe you own or you are in charge of an office or building with a number of people under your care then it is very important to ensure you have the correct health and safety property management sourced to ensure you are covered for any accidents or damages that can be made to your staff or people renting from you.


Health and safety should be taken extremely seriously and to put the highest of standards into the building you own, it’s worth getting in the property management professionals who will take care of everything.


So if you owned a house and you want to rent it out, then how would you go about ensuring its necessary health and safety checks were made and maintained? Many owners think its okay to give the place a lick of paint and call in now and again to check everything is okay. This isn’t the case at all. Necessary checks involve a complete risk assessment to the property which could involve the simplest of matters to sort but do include gas and electricity checks, asbestos, insulation amongst other small and large assessments. In these checks it could mean making a replacement of something or fixing of something to ensure the highest standards of health and safety have been taken on your part. To do this it is worth seeking a property management team who will sort this for you taking the everyday stress of maintaining a rented property away.


As for owning a building with staff, you need to consider the health and safety on their part also. What do your team do in their working role? Do they work with heights and have they the correct tools and height restriction assessments? This also will need a full risk assessment not only the job roles but the building too as like when renting a house.


Some people choose not to do these specific and definitely necessary checks to their properties. They find it costly and unnecessary but what they do not realise is it will be extremely costly for them should anything go wrong and not only this you are putting the people under your ownership in great danger which could cost you not only a lot of money but you will be in serious trouble to for not taking the correct precautions. This is why you need to get property management professional into take control of your health and safety.

If you want a property management company who are serious about health and safety then you should speak to Mainstay Group, Mainstay have a number of health and safety experts who are at hand to ensure your property complies with the latest regulations.