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Making an Office more Comfortable for Staff

A business is not just the four walls in which work is done, it is more accurately those who do the work. As your business grows, succeeds, evolves and branches out, it is thanks to the creativity and the impetus of personnel. As an employer it is key that you create a working environment that is highly conducive to better working, with a view to accommodating the development of your employee-base.

It is very easy to approach equipping an office space from a purely functional aesthetic. There must, obviously, be this dimension in mind when you are choosing the equipment for your office space, however you should also try and be holistic, creative and humane too. Never forget that everything you do in an office space should be focused on personnel.

Respect is also an important concept. Do you respect the privacy of employees? How is privacy even possible in an open plan office? Well, with a little creativity it is entirely possible to give your employees private spaces, where they can comfortably store their goods.

Lockers can be instrumental in this. By allocating your employees personal lockers then not only do you protect their valuables, but just as importantly you protect their interests. An office space that caters for the specific needs of employees is an office space that works better.

You could also consider, if you haven’t already, incorporating cycle shelters. More and more people are choosing to cycle to work, and this is not only better for their health but it cuts carbon emissions. So, on two levels, cycles really work. Installing cycle shelters is a highly effective way to encourage more economic forms of travel, and it is further recognition of the needs of your employees.

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