Stamp collecting? There’s more to it than you may think

If you think about it, stamps have been around for years and years now and most of us take advantage of the value a particular stamp could have. We rip open our post and the throw away the envelope with a first class stamp stuck on, when really the stamp you threw away and is now more than likely in a recycling unit. Yes it’s good to recycle but that particular stamp could be one day of some worth and added to a collection for many years ahead. But stamp collecting isn’t just about waiting to see which particular stamp may land on your door step. You could do this if you really wanted to but it would interest you more if you went further afield into your stamp collecting hobby. By doing this you will open your mind to the history you can tell for hundreds of years.

Before you start stamp collecting though you need to think where do you want to start? Do you want to find and build a collection of stamps from a specific era, special time or year to yourself? You could build a collection from round the world war or other world famous history? Do you want to collect stamps from other countries, as remember stamps are not just available in one country, they are produced all over the world. There are many different choices and you may start stamp collecting with one thing in mind and then decide you would like to go down another path and build a different collection.

Each stamp comes part of a particular collection. They all have a specific meaning and once you start you will see how interesting it is to learn in depth history regarding each collection you may have collected. Some people like to keep their stamp collection basic and maybe just collect one particular collection or collect stamps from one certain country but whichever collecting road you choose to go down, this hobby will keep you interested for the rest of your life ad you can also past down to generations telling a story of each individual collection.


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