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MOT at Auto Care UK

More and more people are choosing to have their MOT at Auto Care UK recommended garages. Auto Care is a trade body whose members have to meet strict standards to join and remain members.

Why Use a MOT at Auto Care UK Provider?

Using a garage that is part of their network to carry out your MOT is a good way of ensuring that you get your test carried out properly. The garages in the network are all encouraged to strive for excellence, and are supported by Auto Care in achieving this goal. They have access to the best training and workshops for their mechanics and test engineers.

It is not in the interests of a garage that is a member of the network to try to con their clients. Everyone has had a friend or member of their family who has taken their car for its MOT and been told significant repairs are needed for it to pass only to find out this is not true. Worse, taken their car in and gone to pick it up only to be presented with a pass test certificate and an unexpected bill. Some garages are in the habit of carrying out repairs without being asked by the owner to do so. The garage has your car and the only way you can get it back quickly is to pay the bill. Members of the Auto Care UK network will not do this. If they did so they would lose access to the help and support, they get from Auto Care to help them to market and grow their business.

Arranging Your MOT at Auto Care UK

Getting your MOT at Auto Care UK is designed to be easy. All you need to do is to visit their website key in your postcode or the name of your town and hit enter. You are then presented with a list of member garages in your area sorted by distance. By clicking on the one you are interested in you can check if they offer a MOT service. You can then book your car in for its MOT by calling the garage or by filling out the contact form.


To get your MOT at Auto Care UK high quality garages visit their website.