With the ability to reduce your carbon emissions by a staggering 740kg a year, double glazing offers numerous benefits to households. A feature found in almost every home, consumershave embraced the energy saving trend by investing their money in these efficient products – but how can you protect this investment?

Whilst the cost of having double glazing fitted is soon outweighed by the financial savings it offers on energy bills, these benefits are made redundant if the windows are not protected.

Why do they need protection?

Any window, regardless of how it is made, can be damaged. This unfortunate fact of life means that protection is needed, helping households to keep their efficient homes well maintained.

For anyone who has invested money into these products, protecting them is vital and should be done through regular maintenance.

How should you maintain your windows?

The first thing to remember is that it is not just the glass of the windows which you need to maintain, but the frames and hinges should also be kept in a good condition. General maintenance checks should be completed regularly and should cover the following areas:

Cleaning: the glass, mechanisms and frames should all be cleaned regularly. If your windows suffer from condensation then make sure any moisture is cleaned immediately and the affected area dried thoroughly. Remember to clean the outside of the windows, as well as the inside, and remove dirt from locks, hinges and other mechanisms with warm soapy water to prevent them from becoming blocked.

oLubricating: hinges, mechanisms and other moveable parts should be lubricated to keep them in full working order. Use a suitable substance, such as petroleum jelly or WD-40, and apply a small application as necessary. Only lubricants which are free from acid or resin should be used.

oTesting: to make sure your windows are working correctly, conduct regular testing. Check the frames and seals to ensure no gaps have developed and check that movement is easy and fluid when opening or shutting the window. Check the security of mechanisms and parts, making adjustments if necessary.

What are your legal rights?

Under The Sales of Goods Act (1979), any items which are purchased by consumers must be of satisfactory quality and match their description. Retailers or double glazing must abide by these rules and that means you can be confident that what you are buying is suitable.

On top of this, you can also invest in a form of breakdown or emergency cover. This gives you access to professional repairs whenever you need them, ensuring your home is kept well maintained and thus protecting your investment.

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