God of war is one of those best games that launched by North Americans. Lovely piece of work, its graphical designing, Modeling, Skinning, and animating all modes of work have been done accurately. The Plot of the game is based on Greek mythology according to which a character named Kratos who called the ‘God of War’ for his help and made a deal with him that if he protects him from barbarian then for a lifetime he will accept his enslavement.

The god of War II is usually a hack-and-slash action-adventure gaming and to make it less complicated you can use the various cheat codes in it. Basically cheat codes are developed by the game designers and hidden in the video game alone. You can use these cheats in order to cross difficult levels easily. For example if you will use the cheat code Hydra Armor you will able to finish God of war at any complicated level, similarly if you use the code Hercules then it will give you the advantage to execute God of War 2 on Titan mode. There are also some other cheat codes which help a person to complete the game with less difficulty like God Armor, God of War Costume, Unlock Challenge of the Titans , Arena of the Fates, Titan Mode, The Golden Fleece and much more. Given codes have their own benefits in a game as well as these cheat codes are easily available on net. All and all may be these cheat codes make things simpler for you in order to win a game but the fact is that it ruins your interest in a particular game.