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Since 2005, the sales recruitment team have been marrying experienced and talented sales personnel up with firms who need to fill sales roles. They deal with sales jobs from across the spectrum. Using the internet has enabled them to create a loyal and growing customer base of firms and people looking for sales jobs.

The Challenge of Sales Recruitment

Getting sales recruitment right can be difficult. A candidate who works well in one sales role is not necessarily going to be able to work well in another role. For example, someone whose sales background is in the car industry selling cars to members of the public may not be suitable be for a role selling car components to car manufacturers.

The demands and needs of a car factory are totally different to those of members of the public. Car factories are concerned with price, reliability of the component, whether they comply with various regulations and many other factors. Someone who has never sold car components may have the basic sales skills, but simply would not have the knowledge to do the job without a lot of training.

The other problem is fulfilling the expectations of the job applicant. Salary structures and levels vary from sector to sector and across different parts of the country. Interviewing people who expect a higher pay rate than that you can offer is a waste of both your time and the jobseekers time.

How Can Help

The team at offer a quick and efficient way for firms to find the right person for the job. They also provide a fast way for people looking for sales jobs to find the right job for them.

The sales recruitment team acts as an effectiveintermediary. Firms approach them with details of sales roles they need to fill. These details are either added to their database of jobs or worked on by dedicated personnel. People who are looking for jobs simply search their database of jobs and apply for those roles they believe they are qualified for.

However, some firms prefer their jobs not to be added to the database. Instead the team uses their extensive CV database to find people who meet the precise criteria they have been given. This narrows down the field of potentially hundreds of candidates to just a few, all of whom are genuinely suitable for the role on offer.


If you have sales roles you want to fill quickly contact the sales recruitment team.

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