Coloured Contacts

If you have seen any of the coloured contacts that are available for your eyes then you will be aware of the vast array of designs and colours that are available for you to purchase.


Many people think that they have to have a prescription for any type of contact lenses, this is not true. Yes you do need a prescription for contact lenses if you have visited your optician and you have something wrong with your eyesight and you choose not to wear traditional glasses.


Cosmetic coloured contacts are different, you do not need any prescription to wear them and they do not alter your eyesight in any way as they are just plain lenses. If you are going to a party or a special occasion and would like to change the colour of your eyes then this possible with coloured contacts.


If your natural eye colour is blue and you would like brown or green eyes then coloured contacts are an option. Many of the coloured contacts have different durations for wearing them and it is important to not use them after the duration time is up.


Some lenses are for lasting just 1 day if you are attending a function of some sort and would like your eyes a different colour to match your outfit or hair colour. Other lenses have a much longer duration for wearing and some can last up to 1 year with the correct care and attention.


Maybe you are attending a fancy dress party and would like some coloured lenses to match your outfit, there are many colours and designs to choose from you are sure to find a pair that you love and match your fancy dress perfectly.


You can even purchase silver glimmer coloured contacts if you are going on a special night out, your eyes will sparkle like diamonds. Cosmetic coloured lenses are easy to fit and look after if you purchase lenses that last for more than 1 day. Prices are very reasonable and coloured lenses can be one of the most drastic changes to your appearance without having any cosmetic surgery.


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