We all love to take a holiday, and do so to unwind, relax and rejuvenate. Others go on holiday to experience other cultures, to see something new and broaden their horizons. For some a holiday is a way for them to socialise and to meet new people. Some people even build long-term friendships and relationships as a result of meeting people on holiday.

Without a doubt, holidays are good for you. However, we rarely think of them in these terms and do not connect them directly with having health benefits, but they really do.

Why Holidays are so Good for You

A relaxing summer holiday can have several positive effects on your health. Many people go on a diet before going on holiday, some lose a significant amount of weight that they would not have otherwise have lost.

People also step up their fitness routine prior to their summer holiday. Some do so because they are planning to try out new physical activities whilst on holiday others do it to look good on the beach. Either way it is the holiday that motivates them to get fitter.

On holiday people often try new foods and eat differently. Many parts of the world have healthier diets than the UK, so holidaymakers spend a couple of weeks eating healthier food this has a positive effect on their bodies.

During a summer holiday, people really enjoy themselves. They try new things, laugh more and enjoy dozens of mini-highs that flood their mind and body with positive hormones, which is again very good for their overall health.

Being pampered is good for you

The other great thing about a summer holiday is it gives you the chance to be properly looked after. If you stay in a hotel, all your meals are provided for you. Most hotels offer a big range of healthy meals and more choice. In a warm climate, most people eat more salad and fresh fish. Being looked after lifts stress, not having to worry about anything is very good for you. Many hotels have pools and spas allowing guests to swim every day and enjoy relaxing therapies.


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