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Without bras, women would find it difficult to function and get on with their day to day lives. In most people’s minds, bras are there to enhance a woman’s figure. Whilst, they do this their primary function is to support the breasts, and to some extent stop them from getting in the way. A good bra ensures the breasts are gently held in place and are supported. Even most modern bras are primarily designed to fulfil this function. This makes it possible for women to lead active lives without discomfort.

A Short History of Bras

Bras have only really been with us since the early 1900s. There are plenty of examples of women wrapping their breasts to stop them moving about when carrying out manual work prior to that. But, the modern bra with an individual cup for each breast was not invented until 1912 when Sigmund Lindauer from Germany began making them.

Prior to that, most women wore corsets that had built-in support for the breasts. However, during the war women were encouraged to stop wearing corsets. The reasons were two-fold. Firstly, the metal used to make corset stays were needed for the war effort. The second reason was that corsets were too restrictive for women who needed to carry out much of the manual work men had previously been doing. The use of the corset fell and wearing bras spread rapidly from the West to all other parts of the world. By the end of WWII the bra was being worn on every continent.

In 1932, bra sizing was standardised throughout the world making it far easier for women to find the right size and type of bra for them. At around about the same time adjustable bands and straps were introduced.

The Best Place to Buy Bras

Without a doubt, the best place to buy a bra is the web. Universal sizing means it is easy to buy a bra that fits properly even when you buy it from an on-line shop. You get a far better choice of bras on the web than you do on the High Street. The best websites, such as lingerie sites, sell hundreds of different types and do so at great prices.


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