Many harmful substances are found in water, and choosing purity over all the harmful contaminated water is essential. The regular tap water contains harmful bacteria, chemicals, metals etc. These chemicals and bacteria can lead to many health issues in the future if not taken a step to pure drinking water. An aquaguard removes all the toxins that will cause health issues to a person. It eliminates the bacteria and chemicals and makes the water safer to drink, and makes you get a healthy lifestyle.

Aquaguard service from the customer

Aquaguard is used in almost all the parts of India. If you buy an aquaguard, the system needs cleaning and services which the company provides you. If you stay in Bangalore, you can reach out to the aquaguard service centre Bangalore. When you buy an aquaguard, the company also provides you with services to maintain the aquaguard and clean the aquaguard time-to-time.  

Types of water purifiers

  • RO: Reverse osmosis is a method used for purifying the water and making it safer to drink and to stay healthy. The RO method has a fine pore membrane in it which only lets the water pass through it, the harmful particles and chemicals cannot enter the membrane due to its fine pore. And therefore the RO is mostly used in every household as the tap water is hard it can remove the particles from the water. The RO is mainly used for places where the water is hard and has many salts dissolved in it. The RO needs service time after time to maintain the membrane in the filtration; the customer can reach out to the aquaguard service centre Bangalore for the people needing service in Bangalore.
  • UV: This method cannot be in use for homes where the water is hard as the process will not be able to remove all the dissolved salts and solids from the water.  The water is safe and free from all the germs and bacteria. It does not allow recontamination of water when it is left to cool down.
  • Candle filter water purifiers: The candle filter has a very basic operating mechanism. The candle has very minute pores which take out all the harmful particles that are bigger than the candle filter pore. This method does not need electricity to operate.
  • Activated carbon filter purifier: The water use carbon filters for the purification process. The filters remove pesticides, chemicals and impurities to a great extent. This method does do not need electricity to process the filtration.

Tips when buying a water purifier:

These days everything is available on the internet to buy. The good part about online shopping is to see the reviews and the varied range of products the company provides for its customers. Aquaguards are of various types and vary from each other with a different price range. When searching online for aquaguard, you can see for peoples reviews about the company and the product, this way the customer who is about to buy the product will have an idea of the product.