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Grant boosts first aid provisions at Tremough campus

Medical supplies at an educational facility in the south of England have been boosted. “This Is Cornwall” reports that specialists at Tremough Campus, which is located in Penryn, Cornwall, received new equipment to help them deal with medical emergencies.

The campus, which is home to both the University of Exeter Cornwall Campus and University College Falmouth, was awarded a grant from the University Annual Fund, meaning that student first aiders in the campus LINKS, which is a student-led St John Ambulance unit, now have a range of new items to help them care for patients in emergencies.

Among the offerings they purchased were defibrillators, radios and training mannequins.

Responding to the developments, volunteer leader Stephen More said: “Our unit now is one of the largest in Cornwall with nearly 40 student volunteers. The funding allowed us to purchase three new resuscitation manikins, predominantly for training our student volunteers, but we’re looking into running courses for other students on campus or other people in the local area.

“The radios will allow better communication between volunteers and allow LINKS to participate in larger events.”

He went on to note that the defibrillators they purchased administer electric shocks to restore people’s heartbeats to normal rhythms in the event of heart attacks. The student pointed out that providing defibrillation within the first few minutes of cardiac arrests can “dramatically improve” people’s chances of survival.

Other hugely important components in first aid kits include bandages, apparatus to help patients breathe properly, stretchers and so on.

It is only when first aiders have access to all the gear they need that they can perform their roles properly. If they lack important items, they can struggle to offer the assistance required. Ultimately, this can have devastating consequences, increasing people’s suffering and potentially placing their lives is greater danger. It is therefore no surprise that such emphasis is placed on medical equipment.

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