The majority of people would gladly attest that there is little as painful or unwelcome as toothache. Sadly, it seems to matter very little how well people take care of their teeth, gums and overall oral health or how often they visit the dentist, there are times when infections arise and fell even the strongest of patient.

It is at this time when most people would seek out the services of an emergency dentist.

Because of the way in which tooth pain grips the afflicted patient, many don’t have the luxury of choosing an emergency dentist – they simply go with the nearest and most convenient provider for a swift end to the pain. However, there are some options for the emergency patient to consider;


Although, when in pain, most people might say that cost isn’t a factor it is of course a consideration. Although NHS prices are fixed and have been for some time, the private fees which a dentist is able to charge for consultation and treatment are uncapped and in the case of an emergency, many take the opportunity to layer on the costs.

As much as the patient might thank the dentist or surgery at the time, it is a valid consideration that an emergency dentist who charges an extortionate fee to emergency patients is one who is unlikely to see the patient in question again.

Therefore, offering high priced emergency treatment is a move which ultimately costs both patient and surgery.


Of course, for a patient in pain, the most common factor when searching for a solution is when they can be seen. Whilst some surgeries offer an immediate solution, there are those who still enforce rigid surgery times even in the face of emergencies.

Continuation of care

It was recently estimated that 1 in 10 UK adults haven’t visited a dentist in the last 5-10 years. However, leaving such a long gap between consultations and treatments could actually cause more problems than it solves, especially if the reason for avoidance is the ever present cost. Given that in almost every case, an emergency will cost more than a routine check-up, it would appear far more cost effective to find a good dental surgery and build up a relationship with them.



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