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Basement Waterproofing

Basement water damage can be a very serious problem. Out of sight out of mind springs to mind when you think of a basement. You may have one in your home, but how often do you actually check it to make sure everything is OK? It may be you need a course of basement waterproofing, or damp proofing as it is more commonly known applied to your basement.


Mold and insects love the damp and if they get into your properties foundations they can do some serious damage. As soon as damp enters your basement it can quickly spread to other areas so it will need to be treated as soon as possible to stop further damage occurring. You will need to apply a basement waterproofing course as soon as humanly possible.


How can you as a home owner help solve the problems of damp occurring in your basement? Your first step would be to manage and improve water run off areas from your properties roof. Make sure all of your guttering is safe and secure and the downpipe captures all excess water and discards well away from your properties walls.


Secondly you many need to improve the drainage by your foundation walls. Install new drains that encourage the water to drain away from such walls. Also where possible it is advisable to have sloping ground away from your properties walls so any water can again drain away from the building. If you have maintained these three principals and you still have problems then you will need to call a basement waterproofing specialist.


There are many effective treatments which can be used as you try to improve your homes damp problem. There are specially formulated waterproof paints which can be effective in some cases, but not all. If the walls of your basement are dry to start with this form of basement waterproofing should be OK, but if they are damp to begin with it is not recommended to use this form of treatment.


The best form of treatment is that of a sump pump. Finished pumps do not look obstructive, with many being fitted with a battery backup to work during any power cuts or shortages you may experience.


If you have any problems with basement waterproofing it is best to secure the services of a damp roofing engineer as they can offer you the best advice on how to tackle your particular problem.



If you want help and advice with basement waterproofingthen contact the London Home Counties website today.