Manage talent prudently for better business performance

Promotions to positions of authority are usually gratifying and exciting for those hard working team members who have more than proved their worth to businesses through loyalty, competency and by demonstrating extreme willingness to go the extra mile.

However, as many human resources representatives are aware, the ability of newly promoted managers to do a great job in a more senior position might be taken as read. Yet their ability to manage people, if they have little or no previous experience of doing so, can be entirely another matter. It is often an overriding concern of many employees, working for many different types of businesses, that their managers do not listen to them or support them. Many business owners understand the direct correlation between good management and improved bottom line profits and in turn enlist outsourced human resources expertise to help them manage and develop their talented people for the greater good of their businesses.

They are often very prudent to do so as the Chartered Management Institute recently released figures concluding that 80% of workers of businesses performing profitably rate their managers as being either effective or highly effective. Only 39% of staff working for less satisfactorily performing businesses returned the same results. These findings reflect just how important it is to their increased prosperity and success that business owners, and their human resources representatives, pay close attention to management development plans.

At NorthgateArinso, we are specialists in outsourced human resources services. As such, we work in close partnership with a broad range of clients on development plans and training programmes to greatly improve the performance of their management personnel, keeping them engaged and rewarding them. By engendering positive workplace cultures of progression and sharing, we help businesses to maintain and improve their overall profitability by developing and nurturing managers, resulting in happier and more productive teams.

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